Friday, February 8, 2013

house on a hill

i want a house
on a hill
the hill will house a garage and a workshop inside
and outside it will be our own little world
grass will grow all over it, with a winding path: stairs that lead to the gate of our house.
as you walk up the stairs you will see crops, a bunny pen,
and an island to have tea
surrounded by moving water, with vine crawling up its pillars.
at the side, where the water falls, there will be windows looking into the room inside
and it will look like hobbits live inside.

up the stairs behind the house, there will be a nice view
of whatever place we choose to live in
there will be space for me to meditate or do yoga
and more space to have tea with people we love

soon i'll plan the house itself, but for now i like the idea of the little hill. i might change my mind one day, but i have years and years to decide what my house will look like. 

my eyes hurt, i've been playing too much Papa's Hotdoggeria, but I've also touched my thesis (FINALLY) and only have two-three boxes left to sell of my Vday chocolates. :)

they haven't been selling like pancakes or anything, it's just that i made the sane decision to stick to a very small stock and, as i just learned, people tend to like buying gifts in bulk.

I learned a lot during this project, and have a few more lined up for this year to make up for how I can't really take a real job right away.

       This month my resolutions are framed around the theme "Be Responsible":

  1. do your to-do list for the day
  2. drop worthless preoccupations
  3. wake up in the morning
so far, i'm doing well than i did last month. number 2 is a bit hard, especially because the definition of "worthless" isn't specific. i decided to listen to my inner compass. i do stop enjoying procrastinating after a while, even when it's a very enjoyable activity. once it doesn't make me happy anymore, it's worthless.

are any of you following any "resolutions" this year? i personally decided i can afford to make something rigid because i don't dwell much on "failures" (i rarely even call anything a failure) and i'm a very unstructured person. I can imagine how people who can function normally can't be bothered with added pressures in their life.

Do you have any goals set this year? Or resolutions? Or a bucketlist? I'd love to know :)

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