Tuesday, January 1, 2013

is it really 2013 already?

because it definitely doesn't feel like it was FIVE years and four months ago when I made this after Abbie and I Wentz (see what i did there) to see Fall Out Boy for the first time in Araneta:
i copied the stage and their clothes and everything wot a geek amiright

so much time had passed! i was a freshman, and was at my lightest weight, and was SUUUPER boy crazy and SUUUPER crass and inappropriate. (facepalm)

this is not a very sad thought, because thinking back to my past self and looking at myself now makes me feel kind of nice about the kind of person i've become. i just feel more like myself right now and not like i'm trying to be anything, except better, which is i think always a good thing to aspire to become anyway :)

Today I finally made all the chocolates. I didn't have to buy new Hershey's bars after all because we had four leftover from fondue-ing :D yay free chocolate

myyyy preciouss

this year i really want to strive to become less ridden with anxiety and to just feel relaxed as an active person! does that make sense? i want to ease into being productive and feel normal about it and not tired and too stretched. i want to feel tired at the end of each day without feeling trapped, because i manage my time and assign myself times to just relax instead of waiting for relaxation to come to me.

i'm skipping resolutions and instead will work with action plans throughout the year. let's see if i can incorporate habits into my life or if i'm really just more a "keep a general outlook as a guide" kind of person and should stop pressuring myself so much. :)

i really want to blog more often though, and stop discouraging myself about not being like Naomi Davis enough to pollute the internet with updates of my life.

I think I'm always going to try and see if I can do something everyday. At the start of December it was a photo challenge. As with all my photo challenges, it failed. This time I want to try to blog almost everyday if not every day! I don't think it's such a big feat because I told myself I can just blog a sentence if i wanted.

Anyway here's to everyone having a nice 2013!

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