Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Look how I set up our table and counter on NYE!

Mama set up that huge ham

None of us felt like taking out the white plates so we just chose between the two designs we use everyday and this lilac and green design suited the table much better than the other one~

wine up, wine up, wine up, OHYEH

i dusted off the wines that have already been opened ~ but we only drank one bottle. haha. we didn't even finish it before we switched to the mead that Emmy gave. 

IMO the red wine went well with our main courses and the mead went better with the dessert and on its own! Jaro (younger brother and one of my best friends) doesn't like red wine so he just had mead all throughout. :)

fondue set all set up! it's our first time to ever use it!!!

clockwise from top left: mallows, crushed grahams, melons, skewers and scoops, bananas, cream with cinnamon and nutmeg for the christmassy taste, honeydews


It was a nice evening. The wine made us giggly, and my mom complimented me on my efforts. And everyone made each other laugh.

My mom toasted for financial freedom, I toasted for graduating, Nikko toasted for better relations between Ph and China (XD), Jaro toasted for better weather (hahaha) and Monji toasted to classic good health!

 The fireworks were crazy! There's an area southwards that never stopped once for 10/15 minutes after the clock struck twelve!!! It was crazy! Definitely the most fireworks I've seen on NYE since we moved here in 1996. Seems like it's going to be an awesome year :D I mean, a lot of those fireworks exploded really near me so in any case, this will be a year where I cheated death. haha.

I wore the dress I wore last Christmas, and I feel that I've lost weight compared to that time:

Last Year:

This year:

You can only see it on my legs though haha. And maybe a bit around the waist. Anyway, appearing thin doesn't really matter much to me, it's more about being healthy and not being too wobbly while wearing high heels. XD

Happy New Year everyone! Make it count <3

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