Thursday, January 3, 2013

i'm trying to blog everyday.

that's what 's happening here.
i find it therapeutic, and it just feels better than keeping a notebook that i will eventually just tuck away and probably would have filled with embarassing things because when i ramble in private, a lot of shit goes down and i overthink things and none of it matters anyway.

today i jotted some goals in my planner,
in pencil
because nothing seems to be so important as to abandon my state of emotional well-being (read: toiling with regret over promises to self unkept)

i made awesome fruit shakes with pear, banana, apple, soymilk and added some psyllium husk because it makes some pretty poos.

packaged the chocolates i made..
s'more, twinkle and carabell. that's what i named the different flavours.

cleaned the kitchen cabinets.. the high ones. i used a floor mop to reach them. my mother was very happy to see them clean, which makes me very happy.

organized and labelled the contents of the back cabinet.. (it houses aprons, rags, floor mats, grocery bags etc)

cleaned the utensil tray and placed it inside one of the drawers instead of in the exposed shelf so as to keep it from ever gathering dust again.. and other things.. (i was shocked into doing it: one day a spoon i used smelled slightly like cockroach)
there was room for all of the big serving spoons, medium serving spoons, mini utensils, normal utensils, breadknives and chopsticks. 

I cooked our new year megaham (yes of course there's still a lot of it yet my brothers are not savages) in pineapple juice with slices and here it was:

and i prepared my presents for my friends..

i also did this weird thing for the fun of it but it gave me a high score so it ended up being a good thing to do for my self-esteem:

but it's one of my better pictures so iiiiiduno.

I'm now chilling in my room with some music. I can't take not having speakers anymore so I borrowed mom's for the meantime because her new laptop is pretty loud anyway :)

look at how cute!!!!!!!
i asked her if they had it in red, but she didn't know. heck, she's not even sure they still sell it.

anyway, it was a nice day and i felt very proud and productive and tired at the end of it. (i napped before dinner you know.)

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