Friday, January 4, 2013


Things I cleaned today:

  • the high cabinets in the kitchen
  • the back door
  • my mom's closet doors
  • my white slippers
  • my little green fan
  • my room
  • the dish dryer
Food I made today:

  • more banana-pear-apple-soymilk-psyllium shakes (they are SO good and taste sinful but are so healthy it's crazy)
  • toaster chicken dogs
  • spaghetti sauce daddy style (with molten cheese and all purpose cream)
  • pasta
  • roasted chikon
Random thoughts:

  1. in my life i have never been more domesticated nor have i ever been more of a feminist than i am now. it's funny that these two things went together, i wouldn't have expected them to because they seem to point to two different directions. but what do i know? maybe a lot of feminists are as handy as me, if not handier in the house because of how assured they are that they can do anything
  2. i should have delivered my chocolates today! i put them back in the fridge because i didnt want them out for too long and now they're blotchy UGH. oh well, like what i told emmy:
"bah. they saw the pics. they saw how cute. they will taste how good. job is done."

anyway my lipstick came today~ 

here's me trying to make goth faces

trying to match a bit u no,

 then i crack

 because a bonky goth is the only goth i can beee~~

 i actually invented that phrase. bonky goth. it doesn't exist. anywayyy~

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