Friday, January 25, 2013

"like rain outside when you're cozy in bed"

Just Good Friends by James Needham

me: i really really love this 
and it makes me giddy
but i just found out the title and it made me a little sad.
him: why sad?
me: the title is "Just Good Friends".
him: hahaha weeird
me: it's so sad.
him: bah, not our problem, we have the best thing
me: yup! but its nice to feel sad for those kinds of situations
because you always end up being happy for what you have
him: hahaha yup, to me it's like rain outside when you're cozy in bed

one very important tip i got from the happiness project is feeling gratitude instead of disillusion after sympathizing with "bad" circumstances that you don't find yourself in presently.
it makes the beauty of what you do have more magnificent and beautiful.
I love having him in my life, and he makes it so so worth it even if we have to be far from each other for a couple years more. :)

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