Friday, January 25, 2013

resetting your bodyclock

dear bea.

to reset your body clock, stay awake all night and the next day instead of trying to wake up after three hours of sleep because that shit dun work.

ive been trying to apply the food method of resetting one's body clock but because it's too easy to ignore the alarm clock and plop right back under the covers, of course i never got to even get to the eating part.

i stayed up all night and until after noon (to take a three hour nap) by just drinking coffee at 8pm and 8/9am! and by staying active of course. played games, made pancakes, watched an engaging movie, but the minute i laid down while watching, i fell asleep. but not for long.

so i guess that fixes it! it's not even ten PM and my body already feels near-bedtime. :D

what do you do when you need to reset your body clock?

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