Thursday, December 27, 2012

well again

my body is covered and trust me that it is better this way
i feel very un-sick! it's really nice. my gums have stopped hurting, my cough is gone, all is well~

let me tell you what happened first. about a week before christmas, i randomly got a fever before sleeping! it got worse and over the weekend i just slept and slept, and soon my eldest brother catches it somehow, and my mom does too T.T then my brother's seeck doesn't get better and we find out it's DENGUE and he gets confined for a few days and the house was just total chaos! mom kept running around to the hospital and back home and for work stuff etc! then when my fever left my body, i still felt really low then i noticed that my gums were hurting on their own pretty bad.. like the wisdom teeth decided ah she is weak right now let us rip through her gums hohohoho and i just didn't really feel well enough to keep working around the house, i can't even eat!
then on the 23rd my brother got out of hospital and we tried to get things back as they were... but then on christmas eve day my birdie died T.T (I know it's really my mom's but I'm the one who bonded with it! So it's really my fault and I deserved crying all day on christmas eve!) we think he starved cos our schedules got all mixed up and we were all stressed :( i felt so bad. but i cried and cried and felt a bit better in time for noche buena.
on christmas day, my gums were starting to get better and i could eat more. so my tummy grew really big. but that's also because i kept drinking sode. that's how i coped with feeling deprived of food. hahah. my teeth are still pushing through, and i still have what feels like a pus balloon beside my second molar, but it feels much smaller now and my mouth doesn't feel like hell. so i've been doing a lot more chores, and what's really great is that being sick adjusted my sleeps, so i sleep and wake earlier now so i get more things done and I don't have to spend all day doing chores! there's a big bulk of time between cleaning and cooking dinner! yaaaay~

ok that was my big update bye.

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