Thursday, December 27, 2012

merry chocolates

finally rounded up my chocolate-making supplies!
very excited !
i'm making three variants (for each mold design): 
  • salted caramel biscuit for the bells
  • poprocks for the stars.. get it? cos stars sparkle. :p  (not entirely sure yet whether i'll add a gummybear in each or not)
  • smores for the little presents!
so excited to unleash the chocolateir beast in me once more lels
i chose nice-tasting ingredients so i hope they will be of much higher quality than my valentines ones! it's nice when it's for gifting, because i dont need to bother myself with costing and makin em affordable and stuff and can just focus on making them nice. 

i actually don't mind so much that i'll be giving them late. as a recipient, the idea of getting something even after christmas is a pretty exciting thought haha. 

besides, christmas in the philippines lasts until february!