Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 is closing all nice and stuff

yesterday was a great day. i didn't get to blog after because it was too late at night and internet failed! but i made chocolates, and we went out to go shopping.

mama gave me some christmas money and i've been stretching it really nicely :D i really have to slow down, though. i've promised myself that i'm stopping at the chocolate i'm buying tomorrow for my holiday chocolates. i'm making the next batch with hershey's because i did the first one with cadbury and they melt so easily XD that's why they're all sweaty in these pictures. i put them in the fweezuw and took em out.

don't look at me like that, i took pictures of them fresh! the camera just lost them.
it's a lot of fun to make chocolates! i actually don't regret this batch, it was a nice test batch. few changes here and there for the next one. i don't know when i'll be able to give them though, probably after the new year! because tomorrow we're going grocery shopping in alabang, then it's NYE, then NYD, falalala~

im actually having so much fun during this holiday, there was nothing grand that had happened, i'd been very calm, but time goes slow because i do so many things in a day. very soon i'll have to balance everything with my thesis again, and my friend's thesis too~ but i guess i should be excited. maybe time will go slow because of this, but fast as well because i'm always doing something, so i won't be too impatient about having emmy here again. i would just be busy getting my life together so that we'd be a-ok when he comes, instead of me still harbouring guilt over not being very independent. i owe it to my relationship to be independent. and to my mom. and to myself.

ANYWAY speaking of emmy, i bought a really nice pictureframe yesterday in a really pretty color (it's like, my fave) and i used it to frame our old-timey picture together from Villa Tortuga in Taal. it's plastic so it's cheap but it looks like it's made of a heavier material to me :D

i love how it looks so.. old and new. :p

you can't really see, but i have a total of SEVEN insect corpses now. i found a green moth, was it yesterday morning? it was just lying there on a stair step on its back, offering itself to me. like many of these insect have. except for Snitch, the circular wasp thing. it was curled up into a ball, but well.. it made it look interesting anyway, like a snitch. hence it ending up as the only one of them that has a proper name.

here are some other stuff i bought:

i finally found some jars for my gifting idea :D it was a set of 3, i'm keeping the third one, which i had to clean up a bit.

i bought beardy a present! no it's not an actual case of beer, that's just the really cool paperbag. i showed it to him over skype since he'll have to wait till june to get it, and he loved it! it's a shirt with gandalf pointing ala uncle sam, captioned: "you shall not pass"

i also grabbed this from the book sale because i'm trying to educate myself about money stuff because i don't know as much as i have to! it's american but i know so little about money that i'm sure that i'll learn a lot. i always liked suze when i see her on oprah :p anyway, it was really cheap too. there's a note inside for some new graduate. haha. i wonder if she read it before she sold it.
i bought this shirt and im sorry about my disgusting mirror. HAHAH
there's 10 percent off on colored shirts from this brand, and it's a really cool brand they have a lot of funny shirts. it's where i got emmy's one too.
i also fiiinally found some felt to repair (re-"cushion") my headphones with!! i took a lot of pictures of the process, because i thought about making a DIY post about em.. the colorful felt sheets made for some really pretty pictures :p i was only meaning to repair the black one, i had previously decided to look for blue felt. but i only found felt in a 5-sheet set, so i had four other colors, and by the time i was done with the headphones i wanted to repair, i was unstoppable and had to make some for my other pair too! i think pink and green go well together, so i picked green instead of the more obvious choice of purple.

today, carmen dropped this off for me. we didn't get to say hi, but i found the gesture somehow romantic because of that? hhahahahah~

I found the wrapping SOOOO PRETTILY DONE omg. dat woman knows how to wrap a present! the simple white ribbon was so neat and just, pristine. i had to fawn over it for a moment before opening. 

the little note was really cute and sweet as well :3

and the gift itself does not disappoint: 

a recipe book completely dedicated to just pizza pizza pizza!!

what's funny is beardy got an all-burger recipe book from his sister as well :p it's nice to see the people in our lives get us. they just get it u no~

in the afternoon before going out to get groceries, i impulsively bought some questionably goth-ish items online, namely this headband from my friend Jaja's shop:
and this lipstick!

i was just staring at snoe's "Bite Me", thinking long and hard about buying it, but spending another 400 just didn't feel right, and in a blogger's review, she mentioned what it looked like, and this was the most popular dupe of it. it's popular among colored women and people who are into the dark lip, which i just found out is very popular on the runway? or was that last season? i don't know, i know basically zilch about trends. but i find the idea of the dark lip very attractive.

I took this picture of me with the darkest shade i have and greyscaled it to imagine a black lip on myself and me gusta, me gusta.

to end this very long post i just want to leave this here:

I've always imitated disney voices, but this is the first time for me to find a character i actually resemble.


PS: You know how much I love Pho Hoa noodles? A lot.

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