Thursday, December 27, 2012

the day after christmas

we christmas night in pansol where we had our christmas party.

what i wore on christmas day. dirty mirror. don't worry i haven't developed a weird skin condition
christmas salu-salo! isn't it neat that we can have pool parties during christmas? tropical christmas ftw.
my cousins(and brother). they're all crazy.
some attempt at a family picture. my family is crazy what is happening. 

my mom woke me up realllly early (before 5am) so we could come home and she could go back to work today. can you believe how diligent she is??

admiring my new bracelets before falling right back to sleep after getting home.
 i tried to be diligent too, having been able to do a lot of chores after catching up on some sleep. i swept, did some laundry, rubbed a whole chicken with rosemary, thyme and lime, and made dinner. (spaghetti complete with garlic bread!) afterwards, we went out to buy some after-christmas gifts, and i made them leave me there and i met with my best friends. we had beers, then sushi, then coffee.

what i wore because bloggers do these things

 they were pretty confused by how well the barista knew me, he kept calling me by my whole name -,-' (even wrote it on my cup)..the story is that we went to choir together when i was about 11 years old and i guess he never forgot about me! he kept calling me by my name when he started working at starbucks. i asked a common friend what his name was and we just started acting like friends ever since. it's funny what church does to people.

 he was like,, "instagram it" which was hilarious because A just made a joke about people instagramming their coffee at starbucks.
anyway, we closed up the japanese restaurant. it was pretty awkward, everyone was waiting for us to stop eating hahaha.

aizel's beautiful plate
i LOVEEEEEEEEE these guys.

my dragon ryuma maki
i'm kinda crazy for sushi.

anyway it was a nice, eventful day. days pass by so quickly now. i've stopped trying to make it go just seemed impossible, especially when i got sick! i'm just gunna roll with it. meh meh meh :)

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