Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas wishlist

"dream big" section:

1. A new laptop with 4-8gb RAM, a great processor and lotsss of memory. I need this to edit films, which is my next step after graduation, and my current laptop is on "life-support". (It relies solely on a fan underneath AND an actual electric fan beside it at all times, and the speakers are busted so I always use headphones.) Sadly there is very little choice locally, they're usually so overpriced. My plan is to save enough money to buy it from overseas and to cover shipping costs or just the posting costs to have a good friend or family ship it over! But if I find a good local deal, then that's that :D
laptop featured: "Acer Aspire V3-771-6833 17.3"
2. A Mini-fridge for my room. I somehow thought all kids wanted this when I was younger. I've always wanted one since staying over at my cousin's and having her offer me some chocolate from a mini-fridge in their second living room. I thought it was freakin cool and cute.
 It would be useful for when I have bedroom birthday parties. My last birthday became a bit of a chore because I kept having to refill the ice. >.< the fridge featured in the photo doesn't really have one, but I want the one I get to have a freezer drawer :3 maybe that way I can serve some ice cream too! Also, cold water helps me wake up in the morning. If i have to go downstairs to do that, I'd always choose just sleeping more.

"maybe if you had friends" section:

1. An 'ukulele (or i guess "a ukulele" if pronounced  as "yookalaylee" or "yukalele" )
I've wanted one for sooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong! I just feel that it suits the sound of my voice, and i can carry it anywhere so it's a good way to make sure I start writing songs again asap.

2. A box of chocolates ~~~ I don't even really need to explain this one do I. I know this is more of a Valentine's day thing, but chocolate is all about festivities for me. I celebrate it. Christmas is the best time for that, because on Valentine's you have to be sexy.
[pic of Godiva Ltd. Edition Holiday Truffles from Chocablog]

"get real" section:

1. Dove Go Fresh Cucumber line, body wash and lotion. My mom has these. They're awesome. Smells great and makes your skin actually feel fresh.

2. A foot care set! I'm running out of foot soak and lotion :3 Preferably Peppermint of course. :)

the body shop has a really nice smelling one ugh i want it
This one ^ probably belongs in the previous section though. A more realistic example is the ones you can buy for less than 500php.


  1. You're a boss. I've been trying to get rid of an old uke for awhile now. I wish you lived closer.

    1. That's super sweet. It's almost just as good as actually getting one <3