Friday, December 7, 2012



A full week into December actually. Woah.

Anyway, life update: initially, we (beardy and self) wanted me to come to France in 2013. Seemed fair. For us. But unfortunately, the world is not fair, and being someone from a developing country, I will have more obstacles to face to get there than he would have to face to get here. Obstacles which we (mostly he because he does like, all the research) realized are insurmountable at this point. So Beardy gets to stay another two months here next year!

It's a bit sad that I won't be able to meet his family and home and country yet, and that it will be a long time before I do, and that I won't get to meet his now-house anymore because they are moving,  but I really thought we weren't going to be able to meet at all next year, so this is FREAKIN AWESOME NEWS to me. See, he has school stuff to handle, and a wedding to go to in August. In LA, no less. So just thinking about how I will get to show him my newly acquired domestic prowess, and the stuff I didn't get to, and that he'd be able to spend more time with my folks, PLUS knowing that he's willing to fly in and out and home and away again after two days, and to move all of his stuff around to accommodate a healthy relationship with me, it just makes a lot of the disappointment melt away.

In other news, this Christmas I have two gift-giving ideas. One involves chocolate. And I'm really excited about that. I want to use the Christmas chocolate mold my mama gave me about a year ago and make nice chocolates for my friends. That's right I'm making em myself! I'm just going to buy already nice tasting store chocolate for the coating instead of baking chocolate or those huge blocks because those aren't always so great. Sometimes they're waxy. I want the chocolate to taste nice. Then I'll plop some exciting treats and combinations inside heehee then I'll tell em what's inside with a handwritten card, because I personally enjoy food more when it's backed up with an explanation. heh. I think this is a thing in chocolate anyway, it's not like I'm making this up. I don't know how to package them yet. I want to use small boxes but i dont know where to find boxes! But I'll keep an eye out :D

The other gift-giving idea is just something I read off of pinterest or tumblr. It said have an empty jar at the start of the year and when something happy goes down, write it and drop it in and at the end of the year you get to read all of the happy stuff that happened during the year. Nice idea, I thought. I'm going to do it, but I'll share the experience to my closest pals too. If they decide that they can't be fucked with the idea, then at least they have a pretty jar. Jars are nice okay.

Maybe I should just put the chocolate IN the jar? hmmmmmmm. Nah

Lastly, I am going to burn a Christmas CD!!!! I had a really nice playlist goin on last year, but of course I didn't burn it and when my harddrive died, so did my playlist. :( So this year I am going to burn it so I can use it again and again and add songs because it's a rw+-

I wonder what I will cook for Christmas. This will be my first Christmas as a house cook! So I am looking to get inspired and might watch a lot of cooking shows from now on. Our household had finally graduated from hiring stay-in maids because we're adults and honestly it's so hard to deal with a stranger anymore. It's either our former ninja maid comes back (I love ate Sally) or nevermind.

Oh, and on Tuesday it's library day! I can feel it. I will finish my revision and like making it, too. :) It's nice to have motivation even when time isn't too limited. Oh how housework has changed me.


  1. Go, Bea, Go! I love your Christmas gift ideas! We've been cooking our Christmas gifts for the last few years and, not only is it affordable, it is more rewarding! It's better than guessing what people would like, because really ... who doesn't like sugar and flour?

    This year we're making double chocolate biscotti and I found out something about using cocoa. The "dutch-processed" cocoa is more full-bodied. Same with bittersweet chocolate vs. the semi-sweet. Although I think semi-sweet is pretty tasty already.

    And I super love the jar idea!

    Good luck on your revision! Go go go!!

    1. SOUNDS DELISHASSSS XD is it double chocolate because it has chocolate bits in it, or because it's half-dipped in chocolate??? eitherway it sounds amazing, i wish we lived nearby i want to try them!

      i agree, baked goodies are rarely a miss.. i don't know anyone who doesn't like sweet/chocolatey stuff.. even fruit cakes are tasting better these days (i think they're the most notorious of the lot, is it like that where you are from too?)..

      thank you tita! it makes me feel all nice and tingly inside when you drop me a line to encourage me :'D!! i have until april to do it but i'm aiming for january-february because WHY NOT you know :3 i want to focus on making art ASAP :3

      PS tata fred and tita rose are the cutest, i miss them!