Tuesday, December 4, 2012

sketchin witch in the kitchin

Just a simple photo blog of food and sketches I made this week.
It's nice to be alive :D
Afritada: a tomato-based filipino dish <3
chinese japanese and korean food all in one dinner because i dont plan things

pasta dish i created on my own (creambased sauce with spicy, tuna, green bellpepper and mushroom) and donuts mama brought home
forever mastering the art of tonkatsu ~~ (it's beardy's FAVORITEEEE food)

another reference exercise featuring flick from a bug's life
random face i came up with while watching pushing daisies (kind of inspired by kristin chenoweth's hair and gina torres' lips)


  1. OMG, woman! This food looks amazing!

    1. thank you tita! im gettin a hang of it. but i really must start waking up in the morning because it gets hectic with all of the chores and the studying i have to do xD the studying is the one that gets pushed back later and later because it's the least urgent but it's the most important so that's not good haha