Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY jewelry holder/displayer thingy (i do not have the vocabulary for this shit)

This isn't really a how-to. I just wanted to show you how I made mine. haha! But if you take ideas from it then great.

After putting my bug collection on display, I felt motivated to do some more bedroom-scale home improvement. I've had two more of these things hanging around for a while now, and have always wanted to maybe hook them up on my walls to serve as jewelry holders because the space on this one is limited:

i'm referring to the wooden thingy with the necklaces and all hanging on it
As luck would have it, the hanger I thought last night about finally putting the dress Emmy bought me in Boracay inside my closet, because displaying it now feels like I'm holding on too tightly to the past, as if I was afraid that it won't happen again.
 I want to look forward, to our planned meeting in the summer, instead of backward, which makes me a bit sad. 

So the hanger was then free, and the little holes at the bottom fit the knobs of my holder thingies perfectly.

I  pulled the retractable wooden holders almost the farthest they can go, then used sticky-tack to secure the bottom knobs:

Then I just hung stuff on the hanger and the knobs, picking the easiest match when it comes to taking them out and putting them back on. The hanger gave me a lotttt of options. If you look at the previous image of the hanger, I also clipped a piece of cloth that I use to hold my stud-type earrings. Then I just arranged my rings, necklaces, bracelets etc wherever they would fit;

I especially like how it's perfect for showcasing why these two crazy bands are my favorite. haha:

Apart from the nice combination of colors of course.

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