Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is a good day.

Congratulations America! :) Two terms for you, Barack O. You go Barack O.

I went to the drugstore because I didn't have the necessary control number for the shenanigans I was supposed to manage at Paseo (I'm so lucky I'm so close to the place) and looked for face stuff. I was only meaning to buy nose peel-off stuff for my pores but I somehow just started looking for my favorite sun protection moisturiser and WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT it was on buy 1 take 1 in that particular drugstore at that particular time.
It's not actually that small it's just stuck to my chest and my hand is way at the front. (Needed my other hand to click the shutter)
And I still have enough change to go back tomorrow even if my bro isn't well enough to drive yet to actually do what I came there to do. (He feels a bit under the weather) It's nice to walk outside anyway instead of staying inside all day as usual. If making mistakes is what makes me do it, then I won't complain. Plus it wasn't too hot out today. Very bright and warm but manageable. When we came back from Hong Kong it was 12AM and 26 degrees! And it was incredibly hot the whole day. But this, this is fine. :)

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