Monday, October 15, 2012

Little things

Inspired by Naomi's "Life according to pictures" posts, i just wanted to photoblog some random things.

That mostly distract me from my work, but...
I like that I find the simplest things amusing

drew a glowing city by a body of water on my left hand..
And drew a skull with my left hand (it's not great but i drew with  my left hand so im proud of it anyway)

Circadian cycle with a little paper clock. I wanted to see if they were accurate based on whatever time I wake up hihi.

my faaaavorite mug ever. i broke it, so i repurposed it as a makeup brush holder :) now i can display my makeup brushes :)

Used loo roll cardboards as hairbrush/comb holders. I used a string i got from a bathset we bought .. and oh check out my vintage polly pocket it's the very first one i ever got! (i had three of them in total)

and i used the basket from the bathset to hold my toothbrushing/face washing stuff on my toilet, it's really nice cos i always  found the rounded surface to be problematic and not very stable.

Showing off lipstick and nail color for beardy (not very efficiently)

mix milk mini cake. i loved them. very satisfying for a grocery store kind.

my lamp pixie with her halloween costume on

neglected school work i'm trying to stop ignoring

pumpkin spice latte! it's nice , but took too much effort for three cups of coffee! perfect activity for slower days i guess.
my pretty dead bugs collection gaining a new member. i don't know what this bug is called.

my cat pins on the same shell i use as a paper weight
I hope everyone's having a lovely day/week... I'm very late in my progress at school but I'm still completely hoping I get 'er done. Wish me luck!

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  1. Your circadian cycle looks so interesting! I'm going to have to look into what it is.

    Is that really the tile in your bathroom?!? I love it!