Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gettin Hauly

Wow, this week had really been something! 

I will soon post a lengthier blogpost about all the stuff that happened. But right now here's a little taste of my week in the form of a mini-haul. It would also serve to get this out of the way because I don't want to get sidetracked when I talk about my week in the next post. Let's get the more superficial stuff out of the way.
 Monday I tried to get my thesis paper finally approved so I can get my diploma, but it got rejected. I coped by doing an impromptu visit to National Bookstore in Cubao to look at the Halloweenie stuff. I ended up buying a couple of cheap, cute stuff namely 1) a stick-on mustache set for Jaro 2) fake cobwebs and 3) a reallllyyy cheap wood assembly set of a t-rex. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. It's SOOO COOL and soo affordable (60php!) and when I started on the head and the spine I was so pleased to realize how big it was! What a steal!!!

I spent Monday and Tuesday night assembling it while getting over not only a thesis rejection but a job rejection as well (on Tuesday)... It worked, I'm honestly over it. Almost instantly in fact. I managed to not beat myself up about it by focusing on the t-rex while watching Once Upon A Time. It wasn't really that hard. First of all, now is the time to make mistakes, and none of them are irreversible. Second, the days that followed were FREAKIN EPIC.

Me with Jaro's cap and stick-on mustache (not stuck, just physics)
On Wednesday we went to a buffet lunch at Shangrila Makati (sushi craving had finally been satiated..kinda) and went to Alabang afterwards, where we visited the always-ossum store Artwork.  I spotted this trucker cap with the Cake logo and immediately let Jaro try it on. Jaro and I LOVE that band. It was a very pleasant surprise to see any sort of Cake-related merchandise though, they're not that big in the Philippines. More reasons to love Artwork. Plus, it was really cheap! Probably not legit Cake merch, but still cool-lookin. You can barely see it in this picture but take my word for it.
I also bought this really comfy sleeveless shirt! Wore it for like, three days. HAHAHAHA.
It's so amazing how affordable some awesome stuff are. It's easily one of my favorite things about living in this country. It's my official Halloween shirt.
CW from top-left: Shaky eyeliner job; new sunnies; Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Siennas; my complete haul for today
Today we went to Eastwood after going to the cemetery. I was looking for new sunglasses to replace the ones I lost. I have others but I sincerely feel like a tool when I wear them, I needed one that suited my face. The pair I lost was square-shaped. It bewildered me how much they suited my face because I always believed that I have a square face and I always read that round glasses suit square faces while square glasses suited round faces. As a result I subconsciously believed that those glasses I lost somehow had a special shape to them that will be difficult to duplicate so it was really sad when I suddenly couldn't find them one day.

But recently, I realized that my face actually counts as round because of the wideness of my cheekbones compared to my chin. I don't know why I didn't put two and two together even after noticing that round shape glasses make me look really odd in a bad way. Anyway, I found square pairs that looked really awesome on me but didn't ask for them because they were too expensive. My mom took her time choosing clothes in Bayo while I just walked around and around the store trying to stave off boredom. At the very last second, I found the place where they stored the sunnies. They weren't easy to try on, they had cardboard tags on them wrapped up around the middle so you couldn't really wear them, except for one pair, which looked the most unique and pretty. And somehow it was also the cheapest one. So I tried it on, and it looked nice. I asked my mom's opinion and she agreed. She asked me if I wanted it. At first I was going to put it back because I really wanted square frames, but at the last second I decided that they will do. And I'm really glad because they quickly grew on me and they came with a really nice sturdy zip up case! At 295php, that's really not bad.

Abbie, Cancan and I went to Watson's to look for makeup afterwards. I was initially looking for good quality liquid liner from Etude House, like the one Abbie has because she said it was really good, and the bottle is a lot bigger than the regular one. The Eastwood branch didn't carry it though, and then Abbie had this genius idea to go to Watson's instead of specialty stores that offer less choices for higher prices. I ended up getting a couple of cheap-but-great stuff from Ever Bilena. The tester blew me away and it wasn't more expensive than my old one. I was willing to pay double for better quality so this was a really good deal. I also got a really nice shade of matte lipstick called Siennas which looks like burnt sienna as a stick but on my lips it just looks "bitten", which was what I was looking for. It doesn't translate well in the picture, but yeah.

Then I found a really cool aquamarine nail polish which only set me back by 18 pesos :3 It was great to go to Watson's. I think I would have spent 98 on a Face Shop one because I've been craving for new nail polish lately. This was a much safer way to satiate it.

So there! I hope you enjoyed me being really really girly over makeup and clothes and stuff blergh (it's a side of me I'm trying to be more accepting towards)

Story of my week to follow xoxo

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