Sunday, September 23, 2012

remember when.. (a hairy tale..or tail)

I like sifting through the pictures and videos that we have accumulated during Emmy's vacation/staycation. Most of the videos are acts of "cambush" on my part (get it? camera+ambush=cambush) which kinda make them funnier. Here is a video of me harassing him during a game of Happy Wheels:

Santa Claus is magic.

I read in The Happiness Project about the importance of saving happy memories. During the aforementioned days wherein I would dream at night about losing him or him leaving, (by the way last night I dreamt about him again, but this time it was a good dream! Just us kissing. It was a foot-poppin kiss.) I noticed that I lacked happy memory tapes in my braindeck. The book did say that sad people tend to remember sad things. And I admit to having been a sad person lately. So I decided to brush up on my happy-memory saving-and-remembering skills!

Even with the pictures, a lot of them serve as evidence of me harassing him. One of the perks of being someone's girlfriend! Here is when I jedi-braided his hair around his birthday:

He wasn't generally unhappy about what I'd done, I just picked this photo cos the look on his face is hilarious.

I like Emmy's hair, I like how much it contrasts from mine. His hair is really fine and wavy and ranges from foozyfuzziefrizzy to angelic and mine is straight and thick and can hurt people. I'm not even kidding. I've whipped a couple of people by accident and even have gotten papercut-like wounds on my fingers from them.
We wonder from whom our babies will take after on this matter.

It was nice having someone with hair I can play with. Perks of having a boyfriend with long hair (AAAND THE BEST BEARD)!! And play with it I did! 

On his birthday, Emmy and I made some crêpes (I might make a separate post about this memory too!). He did most of the work, and I did most of the documenting: 
Poor creature awaiting what is to befall him

Poor Emmy is of course not used to how hot and humid it is in the Philippines, and he was sweating so much! I offered to put his hair up, a request met with variations of stern "no's"...

But it only takes one yes to make it happen...

Yeeeeee... my boyfriend, with his hair up and from behind, is a prettier girl than I'll ever be *3*

I  vaaaaageuly remember promising not to show his face online with this hairdo, but two months later I'm hoping that his desire for me to keep this promise has weakened as much as his desire for reminiscing has strengthened. 

THERE I made it tiny cos I'm the best girlfriend ever. Riiight? RIIIIGHT?

Emmy isn't really a crazy balls-out guy, he's very shy and reserved. So I want to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am that he lets me do what I please with him anyway. He's usually still and compliant and patient about it. For example, his "look" in the video is very douchebaggish and not him at all! He just didn't fight me when I insisted on putting his cap on backwards while he was playing something on the laptop:

My patient litol beardy <3 :')

Anyway, as much as this post may imply otherwise, he dishes it out as much as he takes it! Exhibit A:

We're just a delightful couple-o-goofballs.

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