Friday, September 28, 2012


Or the preposterous pouncing at profoundness.

     One of the traits that differentiate us humans from or beastly brothers is the ability to give meaning to the mundane. In the universe's objective way, everything is just what it is. No judgement, no motives, no "reason for everything". But humans feel the need to piece things together. They want the world to "make sense".

To be fair, this quality isn't bad. It improves the quality and happiness of life. It gives us a sense of purpose. It keeps us going.

But where is the line between necessary and too much?

Some people are so attached to the search for meaning that they start to overlook what's in front of them. They start building stories around everything, which makes them misread intentions, and assume the character and intentions of the people around them based on what "makes sense" in this story they have built.

Sadly this uproots them from reality and makes it hard for those closest to them to relate to them. Instead of genuine, spontaneous interaction, they get stuck in their heads. You'll see in their eyes that they're drifting away while you talk to them, piecing things together in their brain, making up connections between things and events that aren't necessarily true.

It's hard to get through to these people, especially when they've held you hostage as one of the characters in their tales. You have to step back and realise that they are trapped so that you don't get fed into the book and get trapped yourself. And if you can, be the light that guides them out.

Meaning is nice, when it makes reality seem more sweet or bearable. But once you let the search for meaning distort reality, you build your thoughts on a very unstable foundation. And think of the horrors of basing your actions on these thoughts!

Once in a while I have to stop to remind myself to look at what's in front of my eyes, instead of what's in my head. Usually I automatically allow my brain to control me, disheartening me from doing what's the best for me, already failing me before I start, making me feel shy to reach out to those I love, even if they show no evidence that they are annoyed by me, etc etc etc.

It sounds easy, but especially when it's your subconscious' default pattern, it's a bit challenging: you have to catch yourself when you allow thoughts that do not serve you, and guide yourself to a healthier perspective. You have to look what's in front of you and realise that it can go either up or down, and that it's your call to choose if you want to act towards your advantage, or towards defeat.

In my experience, when I open my eyes instead of my mind's storybook, details actually begin to be richer, and hence, more meaningful after all. I feel that I'm in contact with a kind of magic that's imminent and doesn't need to be explained. When I look at the people I love, listen to beautiful music, unquestioningly absorbing what they bring to my senses instead of letting them stand by the side to wait until I've found "the perfect spot" for them in my story.  I'm directly in contact with my surroundings, and everything's beautiful.

With or without meaning, this universe is a magical place to be.


  1. This is great food for thought. Every time I think I've found the meaning of life, I found another possible meaning. Sometimes I think there may not be meaning. I'm thinking we just are. Just like we just pee. It's at least never a question for me.

    I take that back. It was a question for me back in college when I had Asian-American Studies right after lunch and usually at about 10 minutes before class was over, I would have to go to the bathroom really badly! I never listened to what the teacher said in those last minutes.
    Tsk tsk.

    Tita is rambling again. :/

    1. Haha I didn't know people can have pee-clocks! I just pee whenever! Like kuya Nikko, TMI, he goes to the bathroom right after eating. doesn't matter what time it is!