Friday, September 28, 2012

Recipe notes

          I wrote down recipes I found online that I definitely want to try soon! Then of course I doodled over them. These were coloured in using Photoscape. 

First up, "Meat balls! (for Spaghetti)"

I've been craving for this for a while. Mostly thanks to that Spag n Meatballs from Yellowcab that Emmy and I ate for dinner on our last night in Boracay last month. It had two huge ones, it was so gooood. I can't help thinking about Top Gear when I remember the taste. I might always have that association with it. That's the show we were watching as we ate.
Special thanks to Chef John from for the recipe!

        The meatball is having a marvelous moment of self-realization before death due to nom. "That's me. I am a meatball. I was created for spaghetti. "

Second is DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte! Why? We don't get them here. I guess if you don't get the season, you don't get the seasonal drink that comes with it. I did have a salted caramel mocha on the weekend, though. And they had "autumn blend" coffee. So I don't know why they don't sell this. Most canned punkin is made from kalabasa anyway...

Optional: whipped cream and nutmeg.


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    1. the meatballs were alright, they were fun to make! mama made the sauce. i haven't tried the psl yet, waiting for the weekend so Jaro can have some!