Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating and my body clock.

I searched for a lifehack of a particular nature recently, one that would help me adjust my body clock. The one that looked most promising (the first result, really. I'm not very picky) was a technique used to combat jetlag. 

 Basically, you're supposed to figure out when your ideal wake-up time is wherever you're going, count 12-16 hours back, and start fasting from there. Then eat in the morning. Your body will reset its morning to match your eating habits! Supposedly. But I analyzed the last time I feel hungry at night and it did match the time I wake up in the afternoon!

 Lately I have been eating really healthily, save for the time I do it.

 I wake up at noon, eat in the afternoon, dinner, and midnight. so about every four hours which is healthy, but six hours late.

My midnight meal last night: apple, almonds, spinach and lettuce with onion dressing, mint green tea, champorado with an orange slice.

For tonight (i'll be eating this twice): lettuce, spinach, garlic chicken, orange chunks, sliced almonds and sesame dressing.
sparkling grape juice.

accidental salad triceratops

Tonight I decided to eat three hours apart in between, so that my last meal would be at 9pm. I'll set my alarm at 9am and hopefully I'd be hungry enough to wake up or something! Sounds easy enough, worth the shot!

PS: I'm having trouble figuring out which stuff to post here and which stuff to post on my wp, but I settled on limiting those for dailies and more specific stuff. Otherwise I won't have anything much to write here! I feel like I can't help it though, the interface tends to make me wordvomit woops?

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