Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bon Voyage Beardy

Today I left him at the airport. I fought my sadness really hard, because I didn't want him to leave me crying and feel bad, but also because sadness sucks and I don't see a point in choosing it, even if it was easier.

Our final moments were sweet (save for the very rude security guard who broke us apart when we were saying our goodbyes. I'd rant on here, but she really won't deserve the energy and effort it will take to explain how amazingly stupid she was) and we kept talking about happy, exciting, sweet, loving, and funny stuff. I really admire how he can just keep looking forward to the next exciting thing (telling his parents and sisters about his vacation, and showing the pictures and the scrapbook we made yesterday, etc), doing what has to be done, not giving a moment to contemplate and therefore intensify sadness apart from what's already there. This is mainly the reason why I'm learning to take endings better. He's a great example. :)

Wearing one of the shirts mama gave him to the airport :D They were all nice

Nugget: Thoughts while staring at a "flammable" truck on the way home, fighting tears:

Flammable says: "Can be easily lit up if you expose fire to it."
Inflammable says: "Can be easily lit up on fire, which is probably very bad, so you better not expose fire to it."

Flammable probably means "can be lit on fire" while inflammable probably means "should not be exposed to fire". I dunno man, figured it's worth thinking about since everyone's asking what the difference is.

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