Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slowwww dowwwnnn, tiiiimmmeee!

It feels like it was just yesterday when I congratulated Emmy for surviving a whole week in the Philippines without catching anything. Today it's Saturday and I honestly didn't see the time pass by. It's been ten days! We have a lot more days to come, but I still feel like I just want to pull on the reins and pause everything.

Sometimes I freak him out when I start getting emotional over the thought of letting him go. He freaks out but always knows what to say. He said I'm allowed to worry about not being able to step up in life, but I'm not allowed to worry about us. He promised that we'll only need to wait half the time we already have, and it will be nothing in comparison. Says he'll get me in that plane even if he had to come here and put me in himself.

Of course when he says something so sweet I end up shedding a few more tears anyway, cos FUCK he's just so awesome and sweet man >:'(

He tried to fix my sadness by making us planning stuff for the days to come, so our days will be filled and will feel longer. :) Of course the rain comes in the way, but it's still a very reassuring thing that he'd try to make things better for me even when I confuse him. :3

PS: He loooved Choco Mucho. hahaha.

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