Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blissed Out

I've been away for a while and I'm sorry! Two things:

  1. I just got my laptop back! All my files are gone. heh.
  2. This:
Trying out "fun stuff" from the grocery that they don't have at home

    And we've been having various cute couple cheap dates :3 You know you're poor college students when your first meal ever alone together is Burger King ;) 

(We seem to LOVE chicken burgers. The other day we ordered McDonalds and ordered FOUR burgers for ourselves. He ate three. Hahahaha. Fast food is apparently three times as expensive in France.)

He's been here for a whole week and a few hours already, time goes both fast and slow. I haven't been blogging cos it feels silly to do while he's beside me u no wat i mean? I've been having full days since he's been here, waking up early, sleeping at midnight, going out a lot... We're still fairly lazy though, like our usual selves. He brought a bunch of films and series to show me and I really enjoy them!

Some stuff I learned:

  • We just make sense together. Everything's so easy. Especially since we've kind of established the fact (for 20 months) that we're very different people, but once he got here it became obvious that we were wrong! We're actually quite alike. We used to often cringe at each other's music taste etc when we were still apart, but now that we're together, I realize that if the stuff plays in the background/atmosphere while we're beside each other they actually don't bring us apart but rather together. It's weird. But awesome.
  • He's full of surprises. He keeps impressing me! We were so worried about so many things before he got here, especially the food. 
    • He's quite picky, and even his dad was teasing him about how he'll find eating in the Philippines very troublesome. But he's eaten EVERYTHING so far. I'm so pleased :3 He would often report that he hasn't eaten in a day which was a bit distressing but here, he actually keeps reporting that he's hungry heheheh so yea he eats like a normal person here. :D 
    • I've took him with me to commute everywhere, and he just goes with it. You don't understand, he was terrified of the concept of tricycles before he came! But so far he's taken ten or so tricycle rides. I also showed him jeepney magic. (How ten butts can fit in a space that seems to have been made for seven)
  • I was worried for nothing re: my chubbyness and his skinnyness. I kind of feared a bit that we'd look ridiculous beside each other, but we actually look... kinda cute together? :D
  • He's fricken hilarious! Wha! I can't even... His brain is so... ...He's the best.

Today we're going to Alabang to see a movie! :D Like we've always wanted to do together! You know, cute normal couple stuff? It's so exciting to be able to do them now! Yay. :D

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