Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Once in a while I will not have a topic but would still have something to say.

Hence the birth of "Nuggets" in my blog. They will be little pieces of random information or updates that I would like to share.

Let us commence:

I was two pounds off. I weighed myself again earlier, and apparently I actually lost two pounds! So I replaced the 144 with 142 and it felt good man. Good day at the gym earlier. Got there earlier than my friends so I had a lot of time done. A lot of time, but not much intensity, which was intended. But maybe, who knows, I might eventually wish to stay for a shorter period of time there and would want to amp up the intensity to make up for it. But realistically, no. I enjoy being there with my friends. xD It's only gonna be for a month anyway. It will go by fast.
I wore my tankini set. Hah. This is not going to happen again. My thighs kept rubbing against each other too much. (Don't worry, I wore my PE shorts going there. I didn't take em off 'till I was working out)

Do u liek my dolan faec

Failed attempt at home-officing. Last night, I had every intention to start waking up early, sit myself down on my desk and get shit done within pre-scheduled hours. Get a routine of productivity going. Even wrote it on my planner. Unfortunately I stayed up all night watching The Switch, which I actually enjoyed! Damn my relentless procrastination skills! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a bad grade, though. Which I understand.  But I enjoyed it a lot. Anyway. I'm sleepy now so I might try again tomorrow!

22 Days until Emmy comes! I'm excited but anxious about feeling a bit unprepared??? I mean, I still have school stuff to do, but I dunno, sometimes I just feel like I'm just making it up, that I'm not really unprepared. I'm just insecure about myself! Pretty sure it'll be okay.

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