Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sure and Slow and Slow and Sure

When I started going to the gym I decided I wanted to have a record of my weight and measurements so I could see my progress and decide if I'm doing enough in the gym or not.

I put it on my bathroom wall because I was sure that if it was tucked away in some little notebook I will forget about updating it, or feel lazy about getting the pen, opening, etc etc. In my bathroom I already have my whiteboard markers and erasers set up all visible on top of my mirror, so it was very easy to access and use, and whatever I write on the walls are instantly visible to me.

My first goal really is to firm back up for the swimsuit I bought and liked on me in April. Second is getting in a good shape and state of body (regular heart rate, feeling strong and firm), and lastly, to lose some actual weight, but I'm in no real hurry for that.

It's true what they say about how misleading weight is. It's not necessarily good to obsess over what the scale says. The scale won't tell you your body composition, so you can be in fact healthy and gaining muscle but feeling bad because you're getting heavier, or feeling good about losing weight, but be actually losing muscle, which helps you burn fat overall and keeps you healthy and strong. 

That's why when I saw that my weight stayed the same when I've been to the gym (doing aerobics and "pumping iron" as they call it) three times last week and have done some cardio at home, I felt really good!

And true enough, when it came down to actual inches, my body was changing :) I lost an inch or a half here and there.

And bonus, I like how I look in my April bikini again!
Scuse the dirty mirror. And scuse me. I derped.
Note how I didn't say "I look good" but rather "I like how I look" ..That's what it's all about now. That's how it should be for everyone, honestly.

I decided to be brave and take pictures so I can see my body change, too. I didn't take a picture at the start which is sad, because I was really flabby and even though it would have been gross, I'd feel really good seeing that and this^ side by side.

But I just feel good right now to be in that body, without anything to compare from the past. This, right here, right now, is satisfactory to me.

Now, I know how this isn't really anything amazing or extraordinary. Some people lose like, ten pounds in a week! Those really determined people. But what I tried to focus on personally, was an activity level I could keep up for long. I'd hate to push myself to uncomfortable levels only to flake at it eventually and get back to a bad shape (in my mind, too)...

I'm just focusing on getting some activity in my day, and that's what it's all about. Finding a personal way to be healthy. For me it's just about moderation. Not a month-long weightloss program, but a lifestyle change.

Note: See how my thigh somehow measured bigger? Haha. Weird. But that was last night, and actually, last night, my boob area was the same but it shrunk when I woke up. (which i've been wishing for) and my thigh came back to size. hahahaha. strangeness. Maybe my body settled while I was asleep? XD

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