Thursday, May 17, 2012


Had a little soak today in the tub,
with the meditative musical stylings of Sigur Rós,
in the very weak gray-blue light of the cloudy sunset.

Can't remember the last time I felt that peaceful. I guess with the very solemn, soulful, quiet style of Sigur Rós (and I call it meditative because aside from the ethereal falsetto thing, the arrangements are unconventional in a way that doesn't let you quite follow it in a way a regular song would; hence keeping your mind suspended from/around it instead of clinging to it. Not to mention it's in Icelandic, so there's another level of detachment and suspension. I hope that made sense to you as it does to me.) ...

Forever thankful to Carmen for getting me into this band
They have accompanied and made possible peaceful sleep (and baths) when even silence couldn't.
...and the way the light made everything monochromatic, I guess my surroundings were just somehow simple enough, pure enough, that it enabled me to absorb the moment in its entirety.

And what a wonderful time I had.

I hope that with practice I will get to perfect this art of soaking it all in even in the usual technicolor noisy beautiful chaos that surrounds me.

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