Tuesday, May 15, 2012


With love, friendship and ideas!

If only it was easier to put them in order though!

It's quite hard to stay put when I feel like so much is going on, and as you may already have noticed, that's usually dangerous! Usually, nothing actually gets done!

Hold on I'm getting carried away with the exclamation points again..



So. Life Update:

  1. I have my eye on a few books: 
    1. Song of Ice and Fire boxed set
    2. The Happiness Project
  2. cooking up ideas, but i don't want to speak yet until they are more concrete, but this year the goal is to create a 2013 planner! So stick around for that I guess.
  3. going to take up more regular reading 
  4. going to take up meditation
  5. might join the local gym 
  6. feel like i need a new, more powerful computer for video editing?
  7. so many plans with my best brofriends about things we've always wanted to do! kinda gives me chills to think that we're here now, at that age when we've dreamed those dreams will happen. these involve creating a home together, and helping form the local music scene. (And I mean WAY local. Santa Rosa-near Tagaytay area.)
  8. I'm taking care of my appearance a bit better lately. Heh.
  9. I feel a bit more confident in myself :)
  10. I feel that I've gotten a bit better in expressing myself and communicating with others.
Sorry for the very vague post, I just wanted to make an update without letting it eat up much of my time like usual blogposts. With more practice though I'm sure I'll be able to deliver good ones without wasting so much time. Sorry, the whole point of the blog is that you're witnessing a work in progress you know!