Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Cling

Ah yes the spring cling. As in, when it's so hot that your clothes tend to cling to your skin, smothering your slick stinky goodness.

'Kay this image is a hyperbole
For us people living in the tropics, this is what Spring actually means. It's not the comfy cushion season between winter and summer when it's finally comfortable enough to clean the whole house. It's just sun, sun, and the occasional shocker drizzle. IN YOUR FACE.

Be that as it may, it's somehow spring cleaning season in my house, in a small kinda way, and really slowly, may have been a month now, since the heat is so unbearable.

My personal progress with my room is going slow too. I wish I had taken photos of how it looked at the start. It made my mother screech at me whenever she came in. But I had my film production as an excuse. It was obviously a DIY sorta project. I have since cleared out a lot of my junk, which is visible in my birthday post, but I'm farrrrr from over.

But if you haven't noticed, I just gave my blog a tiny facelift. I renewed my sidebar to contain something that is a better self-introduction and hopefully more helpful for people who need to decide if they want me to look at their blog, and if they want to follow me. My little spiel might reoccur on the about me page though, which I have yet to tinker with.

Secondly I have decided to give myself the liberty of changing the subtitle in my blog, letting it be instead more of a headline of sorts. The idea of a permanent subtitle isn't sitting well with me. "kid forever" often read as scary to me. Might go be a seasonal thing, since I just started with "this spring". I'm fickle, who knows.

Anyway, I hope to get more readers and more people to interact with this year. I think blogs are a great way to get to know people. It's even brought me and one of my best friends Jessica closer now that she lives a bit farther away and busy with mom stuff etc. I'm just not always sure how to(Pun not intended) get to it and all that. I'll try to figure it out, though. But.. Do you have any tips?


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