Friday, April 27, 2012

A love story with my life's passion.

It somehow feels like things are starting to fall into place...

I feel like I've grown a new heart after trying to wander a little bit more
Before I committed
"So that I don't miss any chances"
"So that I don't leave any box unopened"

In the end I find, I was just unsure of my love.
And my new brave heart ended up showing me what I want to be committed to

And ended up showing me that there's no need to wander at all

Because there are no limits to a love that is true!

Okay, naw, naw, for serious: Something clicked in me, yesterday or today. Not quite sure because my sleeps are all haywire. "Snapped" is actually a better match for the intensity if it wasn't riddled with a negative connotation. 

I feel like I've always felt pressured to make failed efforts of the past matter. I've been ailed by the thought that I needed to make university count and stick to "my field" but I now see that this takes the life out of anything I do.

I *think* I'm starting to find my way. Emphasis on "my". Fingers crossed!

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