Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me I'm a Creator

Sharing with you my recipe for DIY waxing sugar/sugaring wax and some of the tinkery stuff I've been busy with so far this summer.
USE LOW HEAT after it's started boiling. it has to brown slowly.

Rose propagation; star jar we'll need to fill up in Bora

Bottom-right image: Bohol Sand, Bora sand! Some orange sand idk

Have had this sand in this jar since my friend Jenny and mine's trip to bora. Sacrificed it for the roses I want to root. Even if it fails, they will see I tried my best. And There's a guarantee to me getting to fill it up again anyway :) Still kept some of it though. 

Today was a looong day and it took a full three days for this post to happen. I guess I just didn't have any words to say. But pictures say thousands of them or some shit, right?

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