Saturday, April 21, 2012

As if I didn't have too many interests as it is...

I forgot to add this picture after uploading it for my blogpost about My Flower Depot:

The roses as they now stand
Today upon receiving these roses I was riddled with a very deep desire to grow them. I haven't actually had the opportunity to find out whether I have a green thumb or not. Now that I got the flowers right as they arrived instead of after four hours after they've already given up on life a little, I had a huge feeling of "I can save these!"

Spent the whole afternoon pruning and tending these things, and preserving the last bouquet, and even testing out some propagation methods on the last bouquet. (and pressing some buds I was willing to give up) I somehow can't detach myself from the idea that these are living things. This makes me want to make them live.

On sunday I'll try to propagate a couple of them. We'll see where it goes from there. Even if I fail, I'll know I tried.

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