Friday, April 20, 2012

Got roses in the mail again today :>

"vibrant, living, beautiful flowers: sustainably grown from our farm to your homes" good grammar and design (and reference to good environment and humanitarian karma) is always a reassuring quality. I checked other companies and they were tacky (and felt seedy ahaha). So this is admirable.

Here's a well-deserved promotion for My Flower Depot! (This is not a sponsored post. It's a sincere personal "thank you")

As mentioned in my birthday post, there had been a card mix-up in the surprise birthday bouquet my boyfriend had sent me two days ago. I advised him to inform the company, well, to be honest I called it a "complaint". He said it wasn't necessary because there was no harm done, which is true, but that's mostly thanks to the form of his message. However I can't say the same thing for the people our card was mixed up with:

D: Look me in the eye and tell me this doesn't make your skin crawl

Major criiiiinge. So glad I wasn't them. I know, I know. Sorry. This is probably, slightly unethical. But at least I censored their names, eh?

The company very generously sent me a complimentary bouquet of twelve white roses for the mistake. With the correct card this time. I told him really would have liked a card to keep (might sound shallow but having something tangible is a big thing for long distance relationships), which is probably partly the cause of why he sent a message anyway. :) Aw I love him.

short, sweet, simple!

What I appreciated about this company is that they have great service. Emmanuel loved them! The package came on time, they acknowledge customer service queries quickly, and they remedied their mistakes the best they could.:p So it goes to show that they really care about giving good service and pleasing their clients. Not just making money off of their products. They have principle, which is rare nowadays. Looking at their site, you'll even see that they care about ethical procedures:

"Grown with the least environmental impact and using fair labor practices"

Now doesn't that just make you feel like buying everything they sell? See, it pays off to have a clear conscience type of business. It makes people like you.

twelve white roses. the smell was heavenly.

The box was pretty, the flowers were quite fresh considering the weather, and it came with this, which was cute:

I would like to believe that it was just a case of an employee being new, confused or distracted while preparing the package, because my first package, apart from having the wrong card, also didn't have this Care Tips thingy (which I just learned from the website is supposed to be included in each box). 

the pretty gold bday box, which looked a bit haggard when it arrived haha. (the gerbera daisies are doing well)
I really can't blame the company for that now can I? They remedied the mistake of one person(?i think) verrrrry well.

In conclusion to my personal experience:

  • wrong card, wouldn't be a problem if you write a simple message like a normal person
  • care tip card missing, not a real problem cos it's googlable and it's a bonus feature in the first place

  • they mail your right back
  • they make up for mistakes well (complimentary white roses! they practically spoil you)
  • excellent production ethic (judging from their claims), even the cards are recycled.
  • the roses smell nice
  • they send them with water tubes wrapped in clingfilm, so the stems don't arrive dried out.
  • the design is classy, not tacky
  • free shipping
  • items aren't too expensive
  • they come on time in a fancy red truck hehe
  • THE FLOWERS ARE PRETTY. I loved the gerbera daisies. They might be my second favorite flower now. And the roses of course. I always love roses :)
  • They know what they are doing. The gerbera daisies were coiled with fine wire so as to keep them standing up (like what i did to preserve the 2011 valentine roses) because apparently  the stalks are soft.
All in all, as a receiver of the package, I am very pleased with this company, and I'm sure Emmanuel is pretty darn pleased as a sender as well. :)

I hope anyone who reads this keeps this company in mind especially since it's Mother's Day season.

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