Friday, February 10, 2012

Resume to myself. A self-esteem exercise.

Hello Bea.

I'm Bea and I want to be accepted into your company. Recent years have diluted your trust in my abilities and so here I am reminding you of what I can do for you if you let me. My skills/talents include:

Magic. Just kidding. :) (kinda)

  1. Writing - songs, articles, poems, stories, screenplays
  2. Singing - most genres, too. I'm versatile
  3. Dancing - I'm also versatile in this albeit a bit rusty, outdated and lacking in practice. But a few pushups and situps and you got yourself a dancer.
  4. All sorts of DIY and crafts - I like making stuff other people buy. I easily learn how to handle materials and am willing to learn more if you invest in my education about these things.
  5. Painting, sketching, etc - My abilities in this area surprises people, usually. I don't really advertise this much. But I don't want you to forget this. It's there and it can still be ripened.
  6. Having one-woman production material - If you clone me enough times, you'll be able to form a team that includes a make up artist, a lightsman, an actress, a director, an art director, a voice talent, a production designer, someone to do the dirty work it takes to create sets and props, and even a morale booster. 
  7. Design - Again I'm outdated in this regard, I didn't really keep with the times in terms of software (I still use MS Paint) and I haven't fully migrated to a cyber platform yet in terms of designing, but I believe that if you invest in training me, it will be very much worth your time.

I would like to work with you and make your dreams come true. Please allow me to do so. Everything creative interests me, and with enough encouragement and positive reinforcement I believe I can be everything you need. I can even bake you cupcakes and make sure they're healthy for you, too.

Again, hello, I'm Bea, and I do everything. Please give me a chance to.

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