Tuesday, March 7, 2017

🛫expanding the target🎯

there will be times where it will feel like

you're jumping off

towards a --------------->   tiny target   <-------------------

and so it'll feel like it means E V E R Y T H I N G to you,

like it was somehow so very...

in that, it's    so    very  
                                           small,       so         very     
                                                                                                            far,    so     very    hard   to   nail


and there's just this formidable nothingness

surrounding it

enveloping it and

threatening your life

and the more you look at it
the harder it is to look away

and more and more you feel like

there is no way

that you wouldn't fail

that you wouldn't miss

that you wouldn't just

go back to nothing

And when that nothingness threatens you
I hope you remember

That nothing doesn't have to be nothing
you can fill all that space with
a whole bunch of somethings

And those whole bunch of somethings
can turn into   c                                                    o                                                       w      s    .         .
                             l      o        d     s,               s          f                   p      i               o                        .
                                          u                                            t                         l    l

on which,

                 if you fail,

                                  (and we're still hoping that you won't)

                                              you can softly,



                                                                  (even if it's with tears in your eyes)

                                                                           so that instead of s h a t t e r i n g

                                                                                you can simply find your feet

                                                                                    dust yourself off
                                                                                             get back up
                                                                                                                and walk over

to something  new.         

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