Wednesday, June 3, 2015

impulsive "honest-to-blog*" life update for other night owls

isn't it funny how much we change as people throughout our lives? how much of the stuff we thought were the shit just kinda make us cringe and toss around at night? in my case it was how much of what i wrote i derived from the movies i watched, which had very particular language that i couldn't really possibly do that without sounding obvious (*Juno, 2007). luckily i didn't try to get away with that or anything, i pointed to them as much as i could. heck, in my previous about page, i took a .gif from Scott Pilgrim, which was where i got the previous blog title from, "Getting A Life."

i recently had a branding overhaul though - okay, maybe tweak is more proportionate to the intensity - over here and that's gone now. what's left is what i hope would be something more central to just me as a person and the messages i want to send out rather than some big event where i get a life; because how daunting is that?! does that mean i don't have one? maybe i'm fine just sitting here and slowly becoming okay with who i am, you know? so yeah now this blog, like my other social media, will simply be called beawilderment.

now, on to other life things...

recently i started shooting a collaborative video project with friends and it felt really good and natural to be tinkering around with video editors. it felt good immersing myself in something i enjoy, even if it's just for fun. or maybe, because it's just for fun. and it sure doesn't hurt that i get to do it with friends.

quote based on a facebook post by Tara Stiles

other than that, on days where i feel like it, i paint and draw, usually words. i'm still not immersed in it as much as i want to be because i usually don't feel like i'm in the right shape for it somehow, or it's too hot in my room, or my back hurts, or it's too hot in my room.. 

it's usually because it's too hot in my room.

but it's been easier to be fully immersed in the little things that make life good. noticing little things when i'm outside that look beautiful. the way people dress, plants, animals, food, architecture... and interactions with people i love. and finding little cheap stuff i want or need like shampoo, cleaning fluids, or pencil cushions, pictured above.

anyway, i just felt chatty and like maybe i want to just take time to share a tiny bit of life on here off-script. since i've decided to really give this a shot i've been feeling somewhat stiff and formulaic and therefore don't really get to do much posting because i have stuff lined up that stress me out. hahaha. too much pressure. so silly. anyway, i'll try to do "organic" things like this apart from conceptual stuff just so i keep myself in the mood for it.

anyway, if you happen to have clicked on this and read through everything, thanks! hope to see you here more often.