Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hiya guys! It's meeeeeeeeee

I told you I'd tell you more about inkstuff so here I am :)

I went to a workshop on October 10, a calligraphy class. I decided to go because I wanted to exert myself more artistically - I've sort of been on this personal quest to re-ignite my passion for stuff I like to do and stuff.

The workshop was held by inkscribbler (refer to the links on the folder!) and it was very nice, relaxed, and inspiring. There were other creative women in the room and I think it paid off just to be in the same space as these women. Changed my energy for sure, for the next weeks after.

After the class I bought some additional nibs pictured below, and then I went to National Bookstore and got a brushpen just because I thought I wouldn't find them locally and even told one of my workshopmates about that fact, then I suddenly found brush pens at the bookstore!!! (I think I even saw her there but I wasn't sure, her back was turned and she was walking away and you know how socially awkward I am)

the middle one is the free one  ; i bought the other two :)

I found another bottle of ink that's been in our house for a long time from when my older brothers did calligraphy in high school. It's nice because one of the nibs needs a thicker consistency, and the old one has gone a bit thick. I also mixed up some water and poster paint to have a red "ink"
And I also made this bluish green one which I've transferred somewhere else since.

My brother has since passed the nib and holder they used in highschool to me:

I've been doodling and practicing and it feels great and relaxing and rewarding and nice.

see the tiny paper? look down!

I've also been trying to write longer stuff, I know it might wear my nibs out but I like the practice.

I wrote this one while watching Kiki's Delivery Service. It's funny cos it's kind of how I feel about calligraphy. It's that thing I'm doing to ease my mind and to feel good and creative. I feel in my zone lately, so at least for me, this truly is good therapy.

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