Sunday, June 29, 2014

a look back at my fantastic week

i got my camera back on monday, and also had some pampering done before meeting Carmen for some burgers! i didn't get to bring my camera along but we had a nice time just sitting outside in Nuvali enjoying awesome burgers at half off and talking about GETTING SERIOUS about some things..

i'm a bit worried about Brother's Burgers, it feels a lot like they're about to close shop. i hope they just manage to bring the prices down and stay, but that might be unlikely. in any case YUMMMM

on tuesday and wednesday i stayed home and worked out to jillian michael's 30 day shred..

the first day was too tough and i didn't get to do all of it, but the second day was easier. i lasted throughout the video but didn't do ALL the moves, i rested my arms for a couple of seconds at times. but I FINISHED IT and that's a huge improvement from the first day for me so whatever. my friends and i are getting into being healthy and physically active lately [well i guess we all have for a while, but only lately has it felt like a together thing], so it's nice to have people to talk to about it. we're also all trying to stay creative and active and productive. there's a lot of really awesome energy when i'm with them. i also have been making a point of taking care of myself better by moisturising, pampering myself, and cleaning my room more often! it's better to keep doing it often than like, planning to do a BIG CLEANING DAY, it's a good mindset i think to not believe something is done, when it's something that needs to be habitual like cleaning, being healthy and showering lol

on thursday Carmen, Aizel and I had a late celebration for Carmen's passing of the BOARD EXAMSSS and her birthday. We went to her house to eat, watch a movie, and hang out... and draw a mural on her garden wall.. which lasted for only a few seconds before getting rained on XD None of us were truly upset. How very zen.

getting some inspiration for our wall-chalking while snacking on some papaya and mango

watching Drinking Buddies with kimchi and nori potato chips and wine
afternoon pasta slash late lunch
porno de mercedes
my contribution in the works
making a mess. we knew it was going to rain [look at the ground in the background - it was a rainy type of day] but we wanted to try anyway. lesson learned, fun had, art captured through pictures anyway.
the finished product - most of it anyway; i realise the bottom part is cut off a bit..
on friday Carmen and I met Jess at their house and we hung out at their village's pool. it was fun hanging out with Mio too! Jess had to do makeup on a kid and left us for a bit while we swam but we got to have some spaghetti together. it was a really nice picnic!

finally we went to quezon province yesterday. it was at 4am and i took the opportunity to pull my bedtime up again by agreeing to go ~ that's right, i picked the harder option to better myself! *self high-five* 

IT WAS COMPLETELY DARK when my family came by and picked us up
i've been sleeping late for most of the week and i didn't want to stay on that road long, especially because it makes me super unproductive and because E is COMING IN 8 DAYS and we have to make the most of it. so i didn't sleep at all after coming home from Jess' and just WEENT.

...which made for very blurry photos of the unfortunately very beautiful sky at the start cos i couldn't control my arms much

but i managed to take SOME ok photos of the ride going there... the actual ride was much more beautiful though. :)

during the trip i noticed that my niece Trish has been videotaping everything lately and kind of murmuring at her tablet's mic... influenced by watching youtube vlogs perhaps.

i didn't really know where we were going exactly when i agreed to go, and i never asked. only that it was in quezon province. so imagine my surprise when i saw this:

it's like an open field, partly uphill exhibition of biblical events depicted in statues. at the very top is a huuuge monument of jesus in a pose very much like the famous brazilian one... catholics [or even non-religious tourists like me] can walk around and then climb up in a zig-zag pattern towards the big jesus.. and i guess if you reach it you can make a wish. i think.
trish at the foot of the uphill part, probably recording me while i took her picture
we didn't know it was in a zig-zag pattern though, so we didn't make it to the top due to the scary view when you're in the middle part. there's no railing acting as a physical barrier between you and rolling down the hillside like a bowling ball, and even though that's highly unlikely, the view wasn't very comforting. but i think that's part of the whole endeavor.

i could have gone on for the thrill, but Abbie has an even more legit fear of heights compared to me and neither of us slept at all so i didn't see the point in risking whatever could have happened XD

and we had fun at the garden of eden/noah's ark part anyway

some biblical n00dz

yep, a lottt of fun.

chillin in the van almost weeping to The Weepies. felt so emosh during this song and just wanted to hold my bf idek yy

we did a lottt of just waiting in the van that day, as the elders did more church stuff and met relatives, which was completely fine by me as i was zombie-like and enjoyed my grand uncle's van's aircon a lot. so i just took lots of naps. and we had buko shake!!

my tata albert our host and visitor at the same time haha
we also had lunch at this odd place that had just a lot of murky water all around us and then a mini zoo and the weirdest statue fountain ever

fheebo and tita baby
my uncles kept pokin' fun at the sign because nobody will want to fall from the zipline even if it's free
there were some reallly nice filipino treats at the entrance and they were still hot and scrummptious since we came so early everywhere we went that day

pilipit - a rice flour and squash funnel cake with coco jam goo
buchi - a firmer version of mochi covered with sesame seeds and filled with hopia filling type stuff; this one's ube [purple yam]
ate serves em up onto banana leaves
i bought a cup from the coffee vendo to go with em while waiting for the actual food - no photos tho v^^
i didn't get to take pics of the actual main food, but there was this salad made from a kind of ferny plant that i liked, luckily my mom found some so i had some again tonight.

i do have this picture though:

''It's not going anywhere...'' - Mr. Fischoeder; Bob's Burgers

it would have already still look quite startling if the penis fountain was working, but out of context and just looking like it's randomly standing there with an erect penis in front of a koi pond... it looked quite ridiculous XD what a delight.

so yeah i had the bestest best week i could have ever asked for, i love getting to see my friends so often and going out with family and working out and just SEIZING THE DAY.. i've always known what that meant but i never really felt like i lived that way on my own without an institutional body like school or church demanding it from me... so this felt really good, like taking control of my life somehow..

i'm going to try to get a lot of indoor-activities done in the coming week while staying active and ready to go out if need be; the week after that, BEARDY WILL BE HERE YAYYYY

now let's finalize this post with fheebo's adorable face again:

i'm going to have to learn to make smaller posts and more often instead of huge bomb posts like this, but for now, thank you for taking the time to read anyway :) i appreciate the dozen or so of you. haha.

have GREAT week! happy sunday!

ps. donut wory i shal remove da blue neil polesh soon

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

it's the littlest things

it's in the little things, 

and in the silence, after all

where i find the happiest spaces

for my wandering mind to settle

when my life's shit

and the world sucks




(and people)



(this is my baby cousin Fheebo, btw. also seen above as Alfalfa :3 isn't he the cutest. he is hilarious.)