Friday, May 23, 2014

Spa Day

Last week I had the pleasure of being treated to some spa treatments. I had my usual massage because my c-curve has been acting up and ruining my sleep and then I had a foot spa treatment because my feet has been dry lately.

I didn't really get to talk about the place I go to the first time I wrote about it, so this time I made sure I brought my camera so I could take pictures! :)

Fleur Spa is just across the street from my mom's office. It's also Tita Cathy's (her boss and good friend) so it also reflects the warm colors and ambiance of the office.
Some teas water and light nibbles at the receiving area..
This time, having wanted to take pictures, I was able to notice all of the sci-fi thing-a-ma-bobs they have there! These ones I've seen before when I had a facial treatment. If I remember correctly, from left to right these are a bright lamp, a steamer and the thing they use to exfoliate/clean your face. After my facial that time, my skin was super smooth and dewy and nice. Highly recommend.

But these thing-a-ma-bots were new to me. Luckily someone showed me around and explained them a bit.

Behind the pretty top-to-bottom curtains are actually body treatment machines. I didn't even know they had this kind of service 'till recently!

These are apparently fancy body-shaping machines for well known methods that reduce cellulite and generally sculpt/tighten the body. I believe the Vela one is the new one, it's best for loose skin (advertised to post-birth moms) or cellulite, just in time for summer.* Paying more attention that time (and consulting the leaflets they had) I realised they pretty much have everything there. 

Slimming options are not all they have when it comes to body treatments (although they do have a lot of options for that) they also have body scrubs, nourishing soaks, even hot stone massage. Some of their treatments have machine options, which means you can meet one of those thing-a-ma-bots if you are so inclined. 

The full-body massage I usually get is pretty neat. The masseuse ate Tin is really good. She can make the massage softer according to my taste without it being too weak! I make sure they work on my problem area (upper back) and the massage does wonders for my sleep.

An amazing discovery I made is that they have general salon treatments too, all of them in fact! Not just hair spa and foot spa treatments. They actually have mani-pedi and hair salon services too.

They even have gel polish!

Here is the salon area, with their resident hairdresser and my mom hehe:

I didn't get to snap a lot of pictures of it, but it's obvious how relaxing the space is, right? I like the wood interiors of this place.

Now if you're thinking that a relatively new place that has soo many types of services available is probably a jack of all trades but a master of none, I have to stop you there. Talking individually to some people who work there, it's clear that even if the staff is small, everyone had their place, and were assigned to a particular kind of service so they can do it well. There was a manicure person, a hairdressing person, a machines person, a facial person... The hair dresser was nice and chatty and talked freely about hair cutting techniques and the like. I was impressed by how passionate he seemed to be about his job. It seems to be paying off, too. I cannot emphasize enough how stoked everyone in the office seemed to be about hair treatments. Everyone was raving about how good the hair services were! Maybe one day I'll get a treatment done. Or coloring. It's really tempting, everyones hair seemed really nice, even my mom had one and she didn't have to tell me that day. I simply noticed. Even ate apprentice had nice hair:


So how do they manage to do all of these things and more?** Well they keep the staff small, and they are available by appointment. Call one day in advance if you can!.. although people who work at the office just call the same day like my mom here. But even then there were always patrons in there whenever I went. I guess they're really good! ;)

My cute happy mama.

So as I was saying my feet were really longing for a good buffing, and here's how it went:

First I had a nice warm soak. I was mesmerised by these colors so I took a couple of pictures :p

They let you borrow slippers and they're nice ones. They run a little small for my feet, but that's not unusual cos I have big ones B-)

They pat on a cotton wad and douse it with callus remover and it just sticks to your foot like this:

It tingles as the liquid soaks your foot. They buff your feet, and apply some creams, leave them on, rinse and repeat. After it all I was happy that my feet could feel again. Hahaha. But I did ask ate to not buff very hard, cos I was a bit scared! So I had a gentler buffing than usual. After a few days my feet started peeling, I guess it was a delayed reaction to the callus remover cos the skin wasn't forced off. So I just scrub them every day in the shower, and I think they're done peeling now. :)

I took more pictures of the interiors while having my foot babied. They always have nice magazines on their piles/racks. :)

Buff buff buff buff..

Then it was time for me to have a massage! Whee! I had a stressful morning so it was verrrry welcome and relaxing. This wasn't the actual massage table, but cute interiors, non?

One thing I really liked the last time I went was the soap they had by the sink. It was a lavender soap and I looove how it smells. But this time I changed in a different toilet. It had interesting stuff there anyway.. I like how random products are laid out like that around their sinks. You know when you go to a friends house and read all the labels on the bottles of their soaps and smell stuff like a creepy person? It felt like that, only it  felt like it was encouraged.

Click here for directions
Here's the back of the leaflet with their business hours and their phone number in case you wanted to visit!

*disclaimer: I do not promote jiggle hate or cellulite hate; you can go to the beach and wear a bikini if you want, whatever your body type/ appearance is! But it's nice to have options for people who want their skin to appear smoother. But if you're someone who's cool with it (like I am) that's also awesome!

**more means A LOT more. haircuts, hair color, hair therapies, rebonding (that everyone keeps raving about.. it doesn't make your hair look flat) diamond peel, acne and warts removal, cryoliposis.. laser hair removal and tattoo removal... I'm not even kidding.

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