Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Life lately in pictures.

Happy X-mas Eve, random strangers and good friends that read my blog!

I'm going to make a Christmas post sooner or later, but first I want to just photoblog about my life lately.


She was a bit frazzled just now because all of our couches were occupied, but she just found a free pillow to sleep on. But the loud music is visibly startling her. Haha! She ate a lot of goodies today and I let her run around earlier (she usually whimpers during walks cos I'm too slow for her, but since it's birthday I ran a bit just so she can too)

One day we walked to the church so we can walk with mama after her Simbang Gabi. I took the opportunity to practice with my camera again. It's been a WHILE.

girl and dog
night photos are no joke
I had a good concept starring the moon but it hid away immediately after seeing  me try to take a picture of it! Shy moon. (or is it troll moon)
I had to settle with playing with the spherical lamp posts. In the bottom one the yellowbell is blowing light bubbles. Or it is housing tiny fairies that are jumping off for the night's work.
Before going out that dawn (yes I'm still up at dawn these days T.T) I made myself a nice hot chocolate! With whip and cinnamon! It was nice. I wonder if cinnamon is a common thing to put on hot chocolate?

In any case, it should be.

Tonight I made myself a cold one (+Bailey's :3) because it's super warm -.- Warm christmas.

I'm about 99.6 percent sure that this was triggered by that one time I decided to have a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks.. 

I never thought of putting peppermint in there before even though I usually did that at home. I liked it of course, but when I ordered that drink I was like I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE WHIPPED CREAM AT HOME SO I CAN HAVE THESE MORE OFTEN and that boys and girls is why I can't keep my weight down! Not that anybody should really mind.

My family goes out for coffee often during Decembers because my mom likes collecting stickers for those planners they give people at Starbucks here.. She got carried away this year and is now on her third sticker card XD She already got hers early, the brown one. She then completed another and gave me the yellow one. But for the last card, she let my brother have it. He'll only need 7 stickers to complete it now! Personally I prefer to buy the planners from National Bookstore, but this year the yellow one was cute. So I'm using it as a diary. (I already bought a National Bookstore planner. heuheu) Maybe when I have a lot of disposable income and don't gain weight so easily from downing sugary/creamy coffee I might find things like that fun, but right now it all seems horrifying to do myself because I'm a poor fresh grad who just quit and needs a buttload of money (and space to gain weight from eating a lot) for France. So I feel quite lucky that my mom gave me a free one. haha.

Speaking of coffee, we visited a dear friend of my mom (and a father figure to me tbh) and we were given a gift!!! An awesome gift!!! Because we almost bought one earlier this year and now it turns out we didn't have to cos we got one for free XD

We finally have a Nespresso XD
Apparently someone gave him another one so he gave us his old one.. I'm not quite sure why he gave us the capsule rack too as he could still use it, I think he was just feeling super generous as usual! This particular one is actually a "Dolce Gusto" but I don't really see the point in that and I always forget it. The trigger word for me is "Nestle" the manufacturer, so I always end up just calling it Nespresso anyway. Like a normal person.

Let's just hope the first generous gift givers don't find this post and feel bad it was given away XD Recycling gifts makes Christmas hilariously awkward at times. Note how I sized it smaller than how I usually post pictures. Haha. It's nice to not have to spend anything for the machine cos the capsules aren't cheap XD I'll probably find a workaround with that too because it produces too much trash for everyday use!

I'm starting to make my family look like a bunch of caffeine-addicted nutjobs. Good thing it's coffee and not cocaine nobody reads this blog.

Here is a picture of the shepherd's pie that we made as an awkward transition back to the original topic:

My younger brother and I mashed the taters, my mom cooked the main meat stew inside, I set up the thing in the dish (my brother tried to start it but I'm just a lot better hehe) , and as per my mom's orders, i pierced a design on top and applied eggwash before it was put in the oven. She really liked my forky pokey pattern :3 She stared at it a few times just complimenting it. I think I saw it blush. It blushed BRIGHT YELLOW

So yeah. Pictures. I've also been trying a hand at enhancing pictures again. Here are some pictures of our Christmassed-up house:

I helped a lot with my mom's boxing this year. It's not entirely selfless, by wrapping the gifts I'm given a false sense of "this is from us" hahaha.

bear and lights. yes we have a bear living in this house what of it

These stuffed christmas decorations are so presh.

That welcome reindeer is always rocking side to side thanks to the fan. Jaro is obsessed with Welcome to Nightvale. This is a real actual expression he got while listening:

This time with not real/actual Nightvale-purple smoke because why not:

Althoughh it's a lot more descriptive of how into it he is.

Anyway, tomorrow there will be a Christmas post! Or on the 26th. I'm not actually sure where I'll be tomorrow night.

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