Monday, June 17, 2013

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Hello internet! Tomorrow morning we'll be on our way to a who-knows-how-long journey to Puerto Galera! I'm super excited and I'll try my best to take a lot of pictures and to regularly update so that our friends and parents and random internet strangers can see what we're up to! So excite so excite I am hyper bye bye

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I'm pretty sure it's located somewhere here, in this activity. Writing down or recording daily events however which way; through blogging, writing in a journal, and reflecting on time spent.

I'm being really disturbed lately by how fast time has been flying since Beardy's been around. I feel like the month of May passed by at a very leisurely pace and apparently I erroneously let that reassure me that the months of June and July, during which Beardy is here with me, would be the same. Of course they can't! I bet May only passed by so slowly in my head because I was impatient for him to come back. Now that he's here and making fireworks go off in my general state of being constantly, time is done trickling away and has remembered whatever shortcut it was using to whooze by poor ol' limping me during the time I was trying to graduate from college.

I've been having difficulty organizing photo files to upload because these kinds of details are somehow super hard to organize and mentally grasp when I'm this constantly excited. Even with that being the case I still actually feel like I'm a lot better this time around than last year. Last year felt completely hazy while this time around I can manage to rein the controls of my mind every now and then to zoom and focus into each moment instead of constantly treading a weird mental state of anxiety and restlessness.

Beardy and I have been a lot better at staving off boredom. I don't know why but there's somehow so many things to do. Even when we're stuck at home because of the rain, there's watching Game of Thrones or Bob's Burgers, playing the Lord of the Rings card game, or playing with Sansa and her new rope toy that we bought from one of those everything-66-or-88-pesos japanese stores. (not to mention a lot of time and discussing is still required for us to figure out what Beardy can eat each day! He's still as picky as before, just more confident to be honest about it haha)

Sansa immediately loved him and she can't stay away from him whenever we're in her floor. Surprisingly, he seems to like her a lot, too! Even though she can be a serious restless ball of furry energy.

beardy with his apple green tea and our really bad impulsive chess openings (i lost both times.. even though he likes to say i won the second one. which was officially a draw anyway)

When we do manage to get out of the house, we usually just go to Paseo or the grocery store. On one rainy day we hopped from Ryuma (our favorite japanese restaurant) to Moonleaf to National Bookstore to Chowking!!! Because the rain just wouldn't stop and we couldn't leave the general area. It was enormously tiring but Beardy was hilarious the whole time so it wasn't really so bad. He bought me a Harry Potter coloring book. Keeper.

But on other days we commute a bit farther to other places to meet my best friends, or tag along with my mom and brothers to eat out or just go out and do whatever.

with his watermelon shake which he actually really enjoyed, he just likes to look a hesitant in pictures to tease me

It's been seriously fun. Even the first day, which was actually my mom's birthday celebration. We fetched him at noon and he was really anxious at first to have to see MY WHOLE FAMILY at once right away but it actually went pretty well! We just mostly spent time with my niece Nica who is at that phase where she loves me so much and wants to spend all the time she could with me (I feel the same way about her) hanging out in my room or walking around the village, then we did the same with Sansa, who amused Beardy a lot by being REALLY BAD AT WALKS. That really set up the mood for the rest of the ten days he's been here, and it's been great so far and I'm excited for what's to come but at the same time I'm like SLOWWW DOWNNN WHY IS IT JUNE 12 ALREADY

I'm just really greedy for some Beardy.