Wednesday, March 20, 2013

❀ positive thought processes to be thunkin ❀

being inspired by awesome/pretty local people
case in point: sarah meier, sanya smith (she is so cool + pretty, and i'm not over the fact that my best friend's sister once thought i looked a bit like her:)

finding something to like about people i don't (or didn't, in second case) particularly like
case in point: selena gomez (see picture below) and olivia wilde (view this photoset for the best twitter comeback i've ever seen)
i love her hair, sunnies, and clothes in this pic

my puppy being the fluffiest funniest kookiest puppy in all the laand ~ 
this is her official sexy/wise yoda face
✿~my sweet baby giiirl ~
(she's actually quite a rascal)
bryarly and charlie (chraryarly?? ) bein the superest and cutest couple in this video:

speaking of couples i'm also particularly appreciative of the fact that beardy and i are still getting better at being together somehow! and i'm still getting to love him more everyday, and my heart grows more and more squishy at the thought of him and our future together, and it's becoming easier to talk about that future in fact, because it feels real and i want it to be real and it's not hard to believe it can become real, and i think that's the best part in all of that.

me getting back on "the horse" regarding singing and music and writing songs and stuff
i'm starting to like my voice again, and i feel like singing a lot more and maybe working on getting in the songwriting zone more often! this may mean many things, like maybe i can upload new stuff on my new youtube channel like:

and other very engaging activities that will make me feel alive again such as art and proper documentation of these activities too

but of course i'm putting everything on hold for now.. the #1 positive thought/dream thing on my mind right now is:

I really want it! And although it's already march and I've yet to finish my paper, I feel motivated and not let down by myself. I guess the fact that this is the one last push before FREEDOOOOM keeps me from lamenting how long it's taken me (and I do mean long.)

So yeah. I hope you, reader, whoever you are, also take some time out of your day today to think of things that make you feel happy, things that drive you, things that fuel your lust for life, and all that good stuff!

What are your happy thoughts? What are you grateful about? It doesn't have to be big! Like, maybe you're happy about a certain favorite food being present in your fridge right now. I don't know, but I'm sure you'll find something!

It's always a choice and I hope you choose to:

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