Saturday, February 16, 2013

to get back on my feet

to write songs again, to sing again, to play again, to paint again,
to get back in touch with my old strengths
and let them play with my new ones
my stronger mind, my greater sense of sympathy, my calmer state of being
the new ability to pause and pull my attention inwards instead of scaring myself with what's temporary outside
and to learn to do all this while being able to respond better to what the present moment calls for
this is my mission for now.

i want to put everything together and to come out wholler
it will always be a working progress, but it's not about getting there, but always being on the way


i bought watercolor pencils and have been practicing a little. but of course i can't really allow myself to get well into it until i'm freed of my real responsibilities. i'm gonna try getting back into singing and writing songs and whatnot, too. :)

look at some silly valentines with bad drawings i made with teh colored pencils yo

sorry bout all the greyness, i don't have photoscape to make things better

bye now

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