Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smitten by Storybrooke

Currently in the middle of watching the first season of Once Upon A Time. Amazing, this show; and I love the feeling it evokes in me. It allows me to be engaged in a fairy tale without compromising with too much suspension of disbelief.

To those of you who don't know it, Once Upon A Time is a TV series revolving around inhabitants of Storybrooke, who are apparently people from the land of fairy tales that have been transported to the real world by a curse made by the evil queen. Because apparently our real life to them is the equivalent of hell to us. Which is a bit depressing, but bear with me. In this alternate fairy tale land, all of the fairy tale characters we know used to exist in the same dimension and their kingdoms come together in a single episode every now and then. It's one congruent universe, just in a fairy tale dimension.

Particularly, it revolves around Emma Swan, who is Snow White's (now named Mary Margaret as her earth self) daughter, and the only one who can break the spell. Rumpelstiltskin assigned this to her while Snow was still pregnant with her because apparently in the world of fairy tales, all curses should have a way to be broken! I didn't know this, but it's interesting and sure makes sense in fairy tale logic (everything should have its fair price).

Anyway at the start of the story, Henry, who is Emma's son that she gave up as a teen, comes to her informing her of the curse, and keeps insisting that she break it. Emma is won over by the child despite not really completely believing the story. Henry has been adopted by Regina, the earth version of the evil queen. She is the only one apart from Henry that knows about Storybrooke's past. Everyone else had forgotten their pasts.

I love how detailed the story was made. They stitched up a completely new universe from patches of stories that had always been there, which is a different realm from the talented genius behind completely-fabricated universes like the Dr.Who universe and the Harry Potter universe. The appeal here is that it taps onto something very familiar when you see it, and offers back stories and a wider grounding of all of these stories that we now realize we only know on the surface! Because of this I feel really excited whenever I start a new episode. I love learning about the made-up back story of a new character on each one because they make so much more sense and are so much more interesting and relatable.

I love when people give things a new life. It's like they're completely different characters to me now. For one thing, I love Rumpelstiltskin in this series even though I always hated the idea of him before. Robert Carlyle is so fucking excellent in this series, and eerily transforms from ugly to handsome so effortlessly whenever a transition occurs in his character. If not for anything else, see this show for that.

I first caught one of the episodes on TV and immediately decided that I had to see it entirely. The one I caught was about Grumpy, who apparently used to be Dreamy in his first birth, before having his heart broken. I loved the eerie resemblance between Emma and Snow played by a "Ginnifer" and a "Jennifer" no less! (Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison) They're not even related! And of course I also loved Grumpy's story. After that I saw the one about Red Ridinghood (now Ruby in her earth life; and smoking hot)... And I'm just beyond happy now that I have a full season on my hard drive :)

This was a very wordy and all-over-the-place review and for that I apologize! But I have to go back to the show now!

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