Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yesterday I was observing my friend Carmen. She was staying over and brought her laptop with her.

I noticed that whenever she would prop it on her lap, she would send resume's or tinker with her portfolio in the same autopilot-like manner that I open tumblr and facebook with. It takes me such a long time just to gather the mindset to do anything required, but she does it effortlessly, as if she were just opening twitter or reading someone's blog.

I felt so envious!

Maybe I should alter my computer environment to encourage more productive internet behaviour. Maybe snowballing doesn't have to always mean going down as in in a deteriorating manner. Whatever you start with, it just gets big. The intensity increases. The direction is irrelevant.

Maybe I should do snowball meditation exercises. Envisioning myself doing the right things, and more often and with more ease. Watching Carmen yesterday, I can really see that it's all about mindset. She didn't seem bored at all, there's as much interest there as what I have for my more aimless internet endeavors.

Ahhhhh I hope I can finally get this good habits thing right

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