Saturday, September 15, 2012

kids are weird.

Did you ever eat anything particularly weird when you were a kid that doesn't make much sense now that you're older? For me it was this:
I still eat it obviously (I mean, when I have the ingredients and am hungry and feel like it, which is rare), I still like the taste somehow. But it doesn't make sense in my head anymore! Sweet banana with rice seasoned with Maggi Savor?!

Maggi Savor is this thing that's a lot like soy sauce, but is somehow not soysauce and is "liquid seasoning". I have no idea what it is. I know it's got some MSG in it, but stuff like that don't really worry me anymore at this day and age where everything is "cancerous". 

Before I started liking kang kong, (which, in my personal history, is the time I consider to be the turning point where I stopped becoming a picky eater) this would be what my nanny would feed me when I didn't like what's on the table. I don't know if it's what she likes to eat at home, but obviously, little Bea liked it.

I remember my mama telling her not to do it so often, and my dad saying I should adjust to food instead of eating something else (or maybe I made all these memories up) but it did its job. Better than not eating anything!

In other news, I love this stuff. Vidalia Onion "Vinegarette". I put it on some lettuce, sliced almonds and chopped apple and wowowowow it was an awesome salad.

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