Monday, September 10, 2012

ich bin dein Hausfrau

I organized the linen closet. Kinda. There's some order in there I promise.

Since Emmy's gone home I've been doing chores everyday. I enjoy it! It makes me feel nice when the day ends, and somehow builds a momentum for me to fit more in my day: if it's not obvious, I haven't exactly left the internet in place of chores. In fact I post a lot more on here than I did before.

I haven't read too far into The Happiness Project, but I've already picked a thing or two to apply immediately. Right now I'm stuffing my life's face with order so I can focus more, and with more energy (since chores = exercise and exercise gives me more energy) and motivation (seeing things physically get better makes me feel better).

I have plans for the next year and they scare me. Basically they revolve around me being able enough to get my visa approved to take a vacation to France. I have to earn enough money and to seem unsuspicious of illegally prolonging my stay by being financially stable-ish, or to at least have a sponsor. I haven't even graduated yet. Scary stuff but I will have to manage!

One afternoon my brother Monji called me downstairs to look at the clouds. I took my camera and snapped the beautiful gloomy surroundings. But in one of the last pictures I noticed a lone pink cloud, staying happy and oblivious in the background.

It's like capturing the hope I have for myself in a photo. :)

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