Thursday, June 7, 2012

zeroing in on the enemy

I believe that there is a solution for everything, and that's completely why I even have a sliver of faith left for myself.
But to find the solution we must first find the problem.

Not the problem as in "I'm not productive" but as in the reason why this is so.

It's funny that it's come to me so late but one day I absorbed what my problem was.

I say "absorbed" because on so many levels, I've already known it. But it wasn't wired deeply yet.

Anything you want to achieve takes time. Not time to come to you, but time to give on your part.

Time to focus on it, to do actual things that lead to its completion. What you do with your time day by day shall determine what you will get out of life. It's so depressingly simple.

But to me it requires the accomplishment of some things easier said than done:

  1. Stepping back from potent, well-assimilated habits that work together and make me snowball from one activity to another without even thinking about it
  2. "Weaning" myself properly and rewiring my state of mind to be satisfied with less stimulation but more absorption in whatever the activity is.
  3. Having clear goals and visions
  4. Constantly doing work that leads towards them
  5. A way to make myself do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without fail. Or at least able to recover quickly after slip-ups.
i think i should put up a framed paper saying "Where are you" facing my bed. So I'll have to reflect on where I am and where I'm going everyday. Or something. I dunno, I'll prolly ignore it.

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