Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Lovin/Lovin Summer

Things I love about summer so far

Fruit picking

Our aratilis tree is quite fruity these days, first summer in bloom for it, I believe. I fitted and bent a piece of wire and attached it to an umbrella and stuck a bread bag to pick some of the fruit. Yes I'm a junglewoman. My brother halped me reach the higher ones. :)

Quality Family Time

cooking food together

our double chin faces

Our schedules are somehow freer that we're able to be available when mama wants to eat out so there've been a lot of that, and cooking together, and eating dinner together, it's kind of awesome. :)

 Free time!

Here's a picture of a pineapple I peeled on the floor. I afterwards made some awesome juice with it. I am now able to make whatever I want to eat or drink because I have so much time. I'm still trying to get myself to sleep earlier but now that I've put my bed in a better position (I have time to keep rearranging my room now) sleep seems to come easier. But I don't know, I've only tried it once.

drawings i made for Emmy to explain my room arrangements. apparently my bed is now in a place in my room he didn't even know existed haha

Now that my room and sleeps are okay-er my next project is to meditate on my life's intentions and start doing creative activities and stuff.

My family has a vacation lined up this month, and there's mother's day, and I'm getting my passport soon..

So many things are happening and it feels so fast, so I hope meditation will help me ground myself to the present moment once more. I'd love to let a better, higher, deeper kind of awareness guide me in my actions and to quiet so many anxious thoughts in my head :p

Love life!